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Free Report: Walgreens' Digital-Cooler Mystery Shop

See what actual shoppers think about the cutting-edge, digital coolers and freezers

See Walgreens' new digital coolers and freezers from the most important perspective: the shopper's.

Field Agent dispatched 21 mystery shoppers to each of Walgreens' three digital-cooler locations (as of February 2019): New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. These shoppers then shared their attitudes about the state-of-the-art merchandising system.

Our free report, "Mystery Shop: Walgreens' Digital Coolers" explores questions like:

  • How influential would the digital coolers be over your actual purchase decisions?
  • Do you prefer conventional, non-digital coolers, or the digital coolers you encountered today?
  • How would you rate the coolers on the following dimensions: ease of use, meeting a shopper need, innovation, and making you want to shop this store?
  • How would you rate the “fit” of the digital ads (you were shown) to someone like you based on your age, gender, and the weather outside?

Share just a little information with us on the right to download this free report!


Walgreen's Digital Coolers: Mystery Shop Report