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The Seasonal Display Tracker

An index with some P.O.P.

Product displays are a powerful driver of in-store sales. And nothing brings out the displays like the Super Bowl, back-to-school, the holidays, and other seasons.

Field Agent is about to make it easier for retail professionals to stay in-the-know about seasonal-display activity. And the best part: We’ll do it for free.

Coming soon! The Seasonal Display Tracker

For each shopping season in our index, Field Agent will audit 200 stores across dozens of grocery chains to understand several questions about seasonal, grocery product-displays:

  • Which shopping seasons are most popular for branded, grocery displays?
  • What brands and grocery-categories are on-display during what seasons?
  • What do these seasonal, grocery displays actually look like?

This free tracker will display data and photos on one convenient dashboard, where retail professionals can easily compare display activity from one season to another.

The Seasonal Display Tracker is already in the works!

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Seasonal Display Tracker