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Ready to explore OGP from the shopper's all-important perspective?


"Inside OGP: Insights into 7 Pressing Questions about Online Grocery Pickup," explores several timely questions about the OGP phenomenon:


  • What do OGP users think about the online shopping experience?
  • How fast are OGP deliveries?
  • Are users happy with the quality of their fresh produce?
  • What do users think about pickup sites and personnel?
  • What do OGP deliveries actually look like?
  • How satisfied are users with their OGP experiences?
  • What are the top frustrations among OGP users?


This free report encompasses data and photos from the OGP operations of four major retailers: Amazon/Whole Foods, Kroger, Target, and Walmart.


"Inside OGP" was updated in April 2020 with insights on OGP use in the age of coronavirus.


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