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Explore the Shopping Attitudes & Behaviors of FOOTBALL FANS in this Free Report

Free Report: Football Fans as Customers 2016

Field Agent surveyed over 500 households across the country to understand the shopping attitudes and behaviors of football fans. Our report, "Football Fans as Customers 2016," is chock full of important insights, including answers to the following questions: 

  • Which retailers are most popular with football fans for purchasing groceries, fast food, and team gear to enhance their game-viewing experiences?
  • What foods, beverages, and other products (e.g., grills, plasticware, team gear) do fans use/consume when enjoying gameday at home?
  • Which specific brands of salty snacks, soda, beer, and liquor are most prevalent among football fans?

Share just a little information with us to receive the FREE report....and score points with football fans. 


FOOTBALL FANS AS CUSTOMERS An In-Depth Profile of the Shopping Attitudes, Behaviors of Over 500 Football Fans, Powered