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Field Agent 360: Don't Get Burned by Insufficient Market Knowledge

Case Study: Field Agent 360 of the Sunscreen Category in Miami, Florida

Retail success is earned one store and one community at a time. Consequently, knowledge of local market conditions is a vital component of effective retail strategy and execution.   

In this free report, we describe and demonstrate a fast, affordable, and innovative approach to gathering competitive and operational information from individual markets across the country: the Field Agent 360.

Inside you'll discover:

  • Insights from an actual 360-degree audit of the sunscreen category in Miami and the soda category in Dallas
  • Rich photos and video (link) from two different Field Agent 360s: sunscreen in Miami, allergy meds in Charlotte
  • A description of Field Agent 360 and several potential applications

And more.

Just tell us a little about yourself to download this free report.


Field Agent 360 Report Download