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Download your free copy of "The CPG Guidebook for Q4 Success: Expert Advice, Shopper Insights, and Useful Tools to Help You Win Q4."


Q4 is a crucial selling season for many brands. A true watershed moment. 


But Q4 2021 will not be for the faint of heart or the ill-prepared. Have we ever seen so much uncertainty leading up to a Q4?


This year, like never before, Q4 will favor the prepared. And to help you make-ready, Field Agent interviewed seven CPG veterans with hundreds of Q4s to their names, collectively. In the guidebook, we pass some of their knowledge along to you.


We also share insights from surveys with over 2,000 shoppers, revealing their answers to questions about gameday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and, generally speaking, retail in Q4.


Finally, the guidebook contains information about and links to useful tools to help your brand overcome obstacles, meet challenges, and impact sales this Q4. 


Download the free guidebook above.