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Updated & Expanded: Special TOYS Report

Moms & Kids Share Attitudes, Behaviors about Toy Shopping & Buying

Field Agent surveyed thousands of moms and kids to explore the attitudes and behaviors of toy shoppers. Recently updated and expanded for 2018, "All Things Toys" covers a variety of questions:

  • What really matters to moms when shopping for toys, and what really frustrates them?
  • Where do moms and kids prefer to shop for and buy toys?
  • What toy franchises—Star Wars, Barbie—are tops with today’s boys and girls?
  • How likely are moms to buy gaming gear for their kids this holiday season?
  • What video games and consoles do kids prefer playing, and what video game do they most want this holiday season? 

Share just a little information with us to download the free report!


Toys Report 2018: Updated