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FREE DOWNLOAD: Alcoholic Beverages in the Omnichannel Age

The challenges and possibilities of selling alcoholic beverages to digital shoppers

The third installment in Field Agent's Categorically Speaking series, "Alcoholic Beverages in the Omnichannel Age," explores shoppers' attitudes and behaviors toward buying beer, wine, and spirits from digital grocers for local pickup and delivery.

Based on studies with more than 4,000 shoppers, this colorful report addresses questions like:

  • Are consumers purchasing off-premise alcoholic beverages for grocery pickup and local delivery?
  • What's keeping some shoppers from making the "digital leap" to purchase alcohol online?
  • What beverages do digital grocery-shoppers buy for local pickup or delivery?
  • Do shoppers remain loyal to their established in-store alcohol brands when shopping online?
  • What suggestions do shoppers have for retailers and brands selling alcohol for local pickup or delivery?

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Alcoholic Beverages Report
Alcohol Beverages Report